Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ethan's Barang Barang

This morning, yet ANOTHER package came for Mr Ethan Tan. It was in a huge box. Doesn't it feel like X'mas, Ethan???I had recently purchased (and of course Alan paid) online the Medela Breast Milk Pump for RM799. In this particular website , this purchase came with a free cash voucher and also free shipping! Woweeee.

I made use of the voucher to purchase the much needed nursing pillow and also some cream and BM shells (which Yvonne said are useful) and lastly, some bra extensions. All in all, the purchases came up to be only RM799.50! YaY

Ethan/ Aaron (if I give birth to him on 26/10, which is Aaron Kwok's birthday :P) 's has a whole cupboard full of barang barang! I am waiting for the wall in his room to dry out (from the leakage) and then get someone in to repaint it. N then, the fun part begins -

We have bought wall stickers (of little cutey insects) and some posters (those baby learning aids and also those of cute baby models) and those colourful floor paddings which can all be whipped out (once the paint dries) to decorate the Baby Nursery.

Then, the fellas can return to install the baby cot and we will be able to unwrap and install the changing table (which had been bought a couple of months ago) and wash the bedsheets / etc to prepare for Ethan's arrival.

The confinement lady (a 40-50year old lady from Muar) will sleep with Ethan and her sleeping quarters will also be prepared (I hope she can sleep in airconditioned comfort - because Ethan's room has NO FAN!!)
Wish me LUCK people! :D I shall probably start a new blog for Ethan-Aaron when he is


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