Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My last few visits to the Gynae

Today, I went down to see Dr Ravi alone. Alan has flown to Jakarta already and immersed in a whirlwind of stuff. Poor baby. Raymond came very punctually to fetch me at 915am and I was late for 10 minutes at the hospital - which wasn't enough. Had to wait a fair bit for Ravi to see me.

I was astonished that I had only put on 400g for the last two weeks (I had gone to see the doc on 31/9) and after doc scanned me, he declared that Ethan had not put on any weight at all. oh dear. :( Thankfully, Ethan is still in the 'normal' range for the various aspects that were tested. Sigh.

If things keep going haywire, then I may have to have a C-sec on my 38th week (which is ard two weeks later) instead of delivering Ethan on the week commencing 9 November. Pray for us!

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