Wednesday, July 15, 2009

An irate child

I've just received a disturbing email: No no, please don't think along the lines of nude pictures and threatening chain letters. It was written from Mike, one of the care-takers in Mama Sayang, the orphanage in Jakarta.

For those who don't know, Alan and I are sponsering a child there and have been since 2008. We have even visited the orphanage and her last year to celebrate X'mas together and bring her (and a couple of children) out to a theme park in Jakarta.

To cut the long story short, this girl has managed to wrangle herself outta the orphanage and back home (to a place where no one seems to care two hoots about her). Apparently in those years she was staying at the orphanage, not one family member has called / visited her to find out how she was doing . The problem was that she is very reserved and quite a moody fella and did not have many friends in the orphanage as well.

She now loses the chance of a proper education and even a degree and now will be destined to a life without a future. Life at Mama Sayang is also very meaningful and really a haven away from the storms of the outside world. Very silly move! *sigh* As 'parents' of such an irate and unappreciative child, Alan and I are very shocked and disheartended, having read the news of her departure just this morning.

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