Tuesday, July 14, 2009

High Definition Ultra Sound Scans!

Tuesday 14 July 2009

Our doctor's appointment at Gleneagles and 2nd schedule high definition ultra-sound scanning was due today at 1020am. Thankfully Dr Ravi did not have any deliveries or anything impt today and so we waited to see him for only approximately 10mins.

He was again very, very reassuring and throughout the hour-long scanning, he explained what he was doing and what measurements he was taking etc. We got to see (and I got to feel) a very hyper-active Ethan Tan who was kick-boxing in my womb. :P Over the past week or so, I've been feeling him and I don't know how to put the feeling in words. It's like a pop in your belly, sometimes more violent than the others. Even Alan has felt him, with his hand on my belly. haha

Anyway, after the scanning and paying through out noses, we left for lunch at Ampang Yong Tau Fu. We had a nutritious and delicious meal which consisted of pieces of Yong Tau Fu , some stewed pork with salted vege, 3 pandan chicken wings and rice. The soya bean drink they served up was delicious as well.

Next stop: to order KDK fans for our new house. and then off Alan went to work after dropping me off at Pavilion.

I busied myself with Ice Age 3 and almost fell asleep a couple of times. I think I'm still suffering from sleep deficit. ZzzzZz

We left for the new house after Alan knocked off to check on the progress once again. Sia House at Bangsar Shopping VIllage was having a sale and we scooped up a tasteful painting for a steal (to be placed in living room #2 - which will function as my tuition area).

Dinner was chicken chop (macciam fried batter with skin) for Alan and Ipoh Kuay Teow soup (a tasteless albeit oily soup). I perspired throughout the dinner (since the place wasn't airconditioned) and vowed never to eat in a place w/o aircon again.

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