Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Death

Tonight, we arrived at the orphange and saw that all the children were gathered to indulge in a feast. Some Indians were giving them a KFC treat. :) How very nice! Of course, most of the students were late for class but they deserved this break.

On 8/8/08, at around 5:15am, a fire had broke out in the orphanage. There was a flurry of activity and everyone was ushered to safety- all except this seven year old girl. Who was burnt alive. Very sad.

The students looked unperturbed, however, during our lesson and a few could animatedly relate what had exactly happened - them helping to carry the infants out etc. After the fire was put out, the girls moved to their new dorm (which was thankfully ALMOST ready) and the boys stayed put.

During the lesson, a girl who had recently repeated disrupted my classes kept irritating the shit out of me. She made wise cracks, cracked jokes which were not funny, talked loudly and distracted all of her classmates. Some students who were intent on paying attention (even the normally bored-looking boys!) rolled their eyes and told her off. I kept warning her and in the end told her to go sit in the toilet and eat her KFC. She , defiantly refused. But after that , I announced to the class I was going to ignore her and true enough, throughout the rest of the lesson, I just focused on the other 18 students and pretended I couldn't hear her answers to my questions / calls of my name etc.
Ignorance is Bliss- it's true.

After the lesson ended at 1005pm, I bumped into her along the road as Alan and I had packed up and were about to leave. I hope my words got into her head and I do hope that in time to come, we will all see a change of behaviour. We will only help those who choose to help themselves.

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