Friday, June 20, 2008

Where has the time gone?

I can't believe it's Friday AGAIN!! OMG where has the time gone? All me youth is slipping away! Hahaha. Well, my youth used to be GUSHING away when I was in MOE so now it's a BIG improvement, yeah? How positive!!!

I just cooked (dinner!!) and am waiting to start my classes in a zonked out state. I spent almost the whole of yesterday out. After Phoebe's class, we drove down together to Alan's office as he needed to instruct her on how to change the look of his office - Did i mention she's his office I.D.? :)

Then I had lunch with Alan at the Korean restaurant in his office building. My ginseng chicken soup was pricey (RM48) and abit bland but very healthy, I guess. We went back to his office where I whipped out my poems and began to PC them for Su Li. :P
Before long, the words were swimming before my very eyes but I was stuck in the office instead of gallavanting around in Pavilion because of the threatening sky.

Soon, the skies broke and the drizzles began. I waited a while longer before I plucked up my courage and headed out (without a brolly stupidly) to walk towards Pavilion. I got there drenched but safe and sound and quickly purchased my ticket for Get Smart at 5pm.

The show lasted till almost 710pm but it wasn't entertaining throughout although there were some laughs in between. And then I proceeded to do what I do best - help the malaysian economy.

I picked up some cosmetics at Watson's and quelled my urge to buy a cute skirt which I know I'd never wear. hahaa. O well...Alan joined me after walking to Pavilion (to beat the jam) and we had a light but satisfying Hokkien Prawn Noodles at Food Republic. Although it wasn't fried with lard and is Halal, it was still very tasty and a good treat! we washed down the oil with soya bean drink.

I wanted to pick up "One Item" - Magarine at the Mercanto, a high-classes supermarket but needless to say, we got carried away again. I bought some cookie mix and butter and cheese and Alan hit the choco section to pick up two bars. We bought some grapes and bananas too.
After we paid, I realised, to my horror, that Alan hadn't driven to Pavilion. And so, we flexed our muscles and strolled back to the car in his office building, maybe 400m away?

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