Friday, April 25, 2008

The Start of a Beautiful Weekend!

It's Friday and the start of a beautiful and fun-filled weekend!

But how can I forget good ol' Thursday?

It all started with me being awoken by a soft kiss on my cheek. The Husband was going to work again. And today, he had a dinner appointment with the CEO. Ahhhhhh.. His stomach is getting rounder, I swear! I promptly went back to sleep (ok ok don't be jealous).

I roused again at approximately 9+am and was pleased to see Yvonne (my sis) had jioed me out for lunch. She picked me up at ard 1pm and we lounged at Old Town White Coffee (ECP). Hahaha the irony of eating Malaysian food in Spore was compelling but that didn't stop me from trying the Ipoh Hor Fun which was interesting swimming in soup. The Xi Mut tea drink wasn't delicious but the hor fun was passable, I guess.

We chatted, gossiped, b/tched and it felt really good. For the past year or so, both of us have been busy "doing our thing" and moving n different directions, into different countries. So yesterday's lunch was a great time to catch up.

I reached home ard 3+ and proceeded to have a beauty nap (ENVY is a deadly emotion) till around 430pm. Then, I showered and got ready for nostalgia@ Esplanade.

Orginally, Gary and I had arranged a meeting at "six-ish" but I decided to take the MRT and confessed that I was going to be alittle late. I arrived at 645pm only to be told that he would be arriving at 7pm. Hahhahaa What's new?

When he turned up at around 720pm, I was highly touched as I had only waited 35mins. hahaha. O well, he put it correctly "(I am) the free one!!!" AnywayYyyyy...

We ceased waiting for a table at IchiBan to relive the past and strode to Thai Express for a quick meal before getting poisoned. Ahhhhh Guess who we saw there?? Leonard!!! Such a coincidence! Along the way, in CitiLink Mall, I had actually thought of him and wanted to send him a message to say HI!! Anway, we shook hands and Gary and I took a table away from the couple. :)

We chatted and chatted until I got alittle impatient. Gary had already been served his food and drink and mine had yet to arrive! In the end, the poor fella had to slurp up his cold beef noodles since he had gallantly insisted on waiting for my food to arrive before eating his.

We adjourned to Harry's and got our usual table outside. No live band was playing and it had been drizzling so it was a little quiet. My Merlot as not as nice as the Sangria I had after that (eh I ain't no member of A-A ok) and the poor boy needed more water this time to detox after his chardonnay.

A few hours later, and after interesting conversation topics including the number of pages per chapter of each written book, number of kisses and cunning linguists, he sent me home and we made a pact to meet up in June again.

Oh yah Congrats Pal on 260909!! Good For You!!

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