Monday, April 28, 2008

Post Weekend Trauma

Friday 25th April 2008

I took a bus downtown to PS to meet my mum for a tete-a-tete. We had a quick lunch at the food court where I was disappointed by the beef noodles (Raffles City's is MUCH better) and then went to watch Jackie and Jet battle it out in the movies.

One takeaway that I got from the movie Forbidden Kingdom was that the two cheena martial arts experts had really improved on their English by leaps and bounds. And watching them splutter our English sentences wasn't as painful as before. :D

After the movie, we made our rounds at PS searching for things to buy. We bought some food back for my poor little deprived sister (staying in NUS hall) and then took a bus home.

After my shower, I waited patiently for Alan to come home and then both of us (and two big boxes of fried rice) made our way to West Coast, Blue Horizon for a 4C1 (2005) gathering. Ahhhh those were the good ol' days. As the form teacher of that particular class, I did not have to raise my voice more than once in two years. Forms were collected promptly and the treasurer, my dearest Rusana, would hand me money that she had collected from the class outta her own initiative. (The form teacher could just sleep-in and all the work would be done!!! What a breeze!) That class was truly my best-est form class ever in all my years in Crescent. And the interesting thing was, no one had changed much throughout the years! HAhahaha they all looked the same!

We munched on otah, prawns, donuts and watnots all placed in front of us and Elaine (Chua) and I chatted incessantly whilst Alan busied himself with his D300, as the official photographer of the party. ahahhaha. Girls, I shall place the photos on Facebook when I return to KL. Give me some time. ahahhhaa.

Thanks Crystal and XiaoQi for organizing this party. :) We all had a good time (frolicking in the pool much to the wrath of the security guard).

Saturday 26th April

All of us got up around 9+am and we went to the temple near my place to 'receive' my great-grandmother. She had been buried at a cemetry in Mandai and now, after exhumation and cremation, she lies in an urn next to her husband in this temple in Jalan Senang.

After this religious ceremony, my whole family adjourned to Katong Shopping Centre to get fat. We ordered half a roast chicken and half a white chicken etc and each had a plate of chicken rice. *munch munch* Then I bought some cakes and tarts for our mini gathering at BK's house.

The drive to Canberra was long and tedious and I was amazed to see Canberra Link placed next to Johor Bahru on our GPS! *Gasp* Stephen was already grumbling when we arrived so I shut his mouth with an egg tart specially bought for him. hahaha.

Then the games began.... and we left (bidding bye to the Chinchillas) at around 10-ish pm. We all also realised that we were all getting old...Last time we could sit and play for the longest time, till the wee hours of the morning. But now? It's sufficient to say that that night, all of us suffered somewhat from muscular trauma.

Alan and I took a drink at the nearby coffeeshop admist a match of Chelsea Vs Man-U. The throngs of people from all lower rungs of society made us feel very much at home in Singapore. Ahahahaha. Somehow, one doesn't feel that much threatened by the Ah Bengs in Singapore than in Malaysia. AHahahahha Sheesh.

Sunday 27th April

We went to Marina Square after a sinful brunch that Mum had bought home. Alan was disappointed by the bad service of Cathay but picked up many "ang gong kiahs" to put on his Crocs. The total cost of the ang gong kiahs can buy me a pair of Crocs - you understand my trauma now? hahahah. *shake head*

We went to Cafe Cartel for a horrendously sinful milkshake each and then went to fetch TK and then hit Vivo City for a short shopping escapade.

Then it was off to Da Shanghai at Grand Corpthorne where another feast began. Peking duck, ham and wanton soup, jelly fish etc lined our table and we all tucked in heartily. My mother-in-law said I put on weight and my sister-in-law's future mother-in-law said I have grown prettier (due to "love's nourishment". ahem ahem). How can the two descriptions co-exist in our world??? AHhhh I digress...

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