Thursday, April 24, 2008

I Can't Believe it's Thursday!

My Goodness! Time does FLY! I've been home for approximately 2.5 days and 3 nights already. Wowee. Time has been fruitfully spent though and I am utterly enjoying myself.

21 April Monday

Let's see. Monday's drive back started at around 2+, 3pm, after our light lunch at KLGCC. The drive was pretty smooth save for (A) one overturned long lorry that was transporting a heapload of logs, (B) a 4 or 5 car pile-up with a Mini Cooper's bonnet was smashed in and (C) some roadkill. It was raining off and on as well and that made the journey more dangerous.

Anyway, we arrived in Spore at 7+ and my dear chauffeur was exhausted. However, we were greeted by the confession of my maid that Ash is suffering from bad rash. Pissed off at being informed only now, we rushed to a pet shop near my house to pick up some medicated shampoo to help soothe our dear boy's nerves. Then went back to sayang him to the skies.

Dinner was our usual mee pok fix at East Coast Road.But this time round, there was something weird / special that happened. As Alan and I sat down comfortably and ordered our meal, we noticed from the corner of our eyes, a sole PRC male who was savouring a big bowl of noodles. He also had a drink on his table.

After 3 to 5 mins, there suddenly was a loud sound of a chair being pushed back and then heavy pattering of quick footsteps as the prc customer swiftly and surely made his escape (w/o paying of course!). Alan and I looked stunned at each other and my first reaction was to question which country we were in: KL or Spore? (I havent even witnesed such a sight in KL before!) and Alan's first reaction was to quickly pick up his LV wallet and two handphones and put them in his pocket. hahahaa

Home - Sweet - Home.

22nd April Tuesday

I woke up late and savoured the moment. Then decided that lazing around will diminish my already puny brain cells, I decided to advance to my used-to-be-favourite shopping mall in the heartlands, PARKWAY PARADE (or fondly known to Kala and I as "PP"). I took Ening (my maid) along and we shyed away from the taxis and took a bus.

Along the way (in Roxy Square) I asked Ening if she wanted a trim of her very long hair and she did. So I brought her to MODE where Jean cuts her hair and she choped off almost half of her locks. I crossed over to Parkway side and bought some lollipops to be given to my 4S1 girls and ex-colleagues in dire need to sweetening (It is marking period now).

And then we had a late lunch at the foodcourt where I relished the Ban Mien ( I had mee suar) - something you can't really get in KL. Then, we went to GIant to buy some groceries and stuff to put into the fried rice I was supposed to bring to Crystal's house on Friday for the 4C1 gathering :D Yeah!

I was suffering from a massive headache by the time I got home. I guess I am not used to being exposed to the elements as I am always cooped up in Sri Tiara. Anyway....

After a two-hour nap, I got ready and left to see The Girls. :D We met (and we were all fashionably late) at Raffles City. Dinner was at Canele and I chose the most non-sinful crepe on the menu- mushroom and ham. It was as tasteless as it was non-sinful and thankfully there were the cakes to make up for it. Of course the company was the best and I realised I had truly missed the good 'ol days with all my JC mates. *wipes lone tear sliding down cheek*
Before we bade each other goodbye, and because the get-together was so fun, we decided to hold ONE MORE on May Day, before I leave again for KL. Jane will be hosting it and it'll be a potluck. :D YeaY!

Alan came to pick me up (after my many disruptive phonecalls when he was using the D300 to capture the spitting merlion) with Chung and Loh in the car. We sent them back to their hotel and then went home to rest.

23rd April 2008 Wednesday

Ahhhhhh I enjoyed this day immensely! I woke up at around 9am and then proceeded to get ready and "go to school". I heaved the bags of lollis onto Bus #14 and subsequently #111 and got to school by 11am (after an hour's journey) in time to eat lunch with Da Jie.

Alighting at the bus stop, walking up the hill and chatting with Vasoo (the security guard) all brought on waves of nostalgia. Then, it was a massive catching-up time and I proceeded to relate my "exciting" life to all my enthralled but tired-looking colleagues behind their piles of CA marking. I hit level one staffroom, level three staffroom and even the canteen. Even the cleaner aunty told me that she misses me because I never fail to cheer her up when I meet her in the loo e'day after lunch. Hahahha. Very touching.

It will be exam period soon (starting this Friday) and this is the time all teachers would hate most as the Marking Will Begin. Yikes. I remember those days when my quota for marking was at least one pile (of approx 40 scripts). And I actually had a record of marking 3 piles on one Sunday. But of course, that was lower sec literature! Hahahhaa.

Anyway, now that I have left and am FREE, $0.65 per script offered to me wasn't enticing enough to make me pick up that red pen and sit my fat bum into a chair was hours on end. I think I make more money per hour giving tuition in KL! HAhahahaha

After the tête-à-tête and the miserable veges + delicious 80c papaya juice I had in the school canteen (because I couldn't stomach anything else), I hopped onto #111 and found my way to Lucky Plaza at ard 3pm to meet my taitai mummy who was getting her haircut. After she was done, we did a quickie lunch of yong tau fu at the basement (delicious and healthy) and then strolled at top speed (our speed of walking is about the same) to Winsland House to get our faces poked and battered and then caked with sweet-smelling masks.

It was approximately 615pm when the two tai tais finished their treatments and Mummy proceeded to sign her savings away and investing in Youth and Radiance. She bought two facial packages and after my skillful bargaining, she of course got more than she paid for. *claps*

It was nearly 730pm and the sky was dark when we left Body Wellness. I suggested dinner at Soup Spoon Paragon to satisfy my cravings for Tangy Tomato and wraps and my mum obliged. We chatted and gossiped like mindless taitais and then headed back to Lucky Plaza to pick up some cosmetics at a steal. Mummy bought some serum and firming creams and I replenished my Biotherm stuff and bought MORE for LESS!

The the Taitais took an unlikely mode of transportation home - the BUS. hhaha *Slap forehead*

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