Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Monday After.

Yesterday was spent giving tuition from 9 - 1130am and then I made myself a mean Ramly Beef patty sandwich. *smack lips*

I surfed all the 300 cable channels until I got really bored and then decided that all the calories I had put on over the decadent weekend had just got to go. So I trotted to the gym for a 1 hour work-out admist the sounds of soothing, go-to-bed music (I had forgotten to bring along my gym cd).

430pm and time to prepare and cook dinner. Sweet and sour Fish, Sambal stir-fried lady's finger and Sukiyaki was on the menu and I slogged over the stow to put food on the table. ahahha.

Today was more of a stone-routine. I watched some AXN and some HBO and read PS I Love You for a while and then went for a swim and a sauna. Stephanie cancelled tuition at the last minute on me again (Sigh, I'm getting irritated).

My meals were cooked in the slow cooker - sweet potato porridge for both lunch and dinner. hahhaa. Alan has a date with a datuk tonite and will be back late.

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