Monday, December 3, 2007

A Night out at Central Market & Petaling Street

2 December 2007 Sunday
After our buffet breakfast this morning, Alan fell back into a feverish slumber and I decided to finish watching my dvd "Superbad"(By the way, Gary, the show cannot-make-it lah :P) and more of Zesa's favourite Tang Xin Feng Bao.

Once the laogong started feeling better, the cooped-up wifey suggested that they troop down to Central Market, a building that houses many shops dedicated to preserving heritage and traditional arts and craft. I had surfed the web for "Places of Interest" in KL and that info had surfaced.

Driving there was another headache as, as usual, the roads were jammed, even on a Sunday. *huge sigh* Tension was rife as we swerved in and out to avoid the motorcylists and parts of our anatomy were shown to express our sentiments. At last, after almost half an hour, we arrived at our destination with pursed lips and silent frowns.

At the carpark, a huge stage was erected and some scary-looking head-bangers were shrieking and screeching at the top of their lungs and violating their musical instruments with gusto. We squeezed past an enthralled crowd and strode into Central Market with anticipation.

Central Market is a blue, two-storied building that I was thankful not to have brought the two gin nahs. There were a few 'streets' inside the building that were representative of the different cultures in Malaysia- e.g. Jonker Street, Malay St, Chinese St etc. But nothing held our attention for long except for Old Town Coffee, a cafe not unlike Kiliney Kopitiam in Singapore. We had our caffeine fix here for RM2.20 per cuppa. Ex ah!
Then, after visiting what seemed to be the most expensive toilet in Malaysia (RM0.50 / entry), we decided to be adventurous and brave and venture into the unknown depths of Petaling Street, Chinatown.
PS was only a stone's throw away from our location and very near Puduraya Bus Station. When we arrived we started squeezing our way through the throngs of sweaty bodies, instinctively holding our bags protectively against ourselves. Pangs of insecurity and discomfort emerged as Alan and I quietly and quickly combed the aisles, without stopping to look at the fake Gucci, Prada, LV and the likes. The only stall holders to capture my attention was a wheel-chair bound man talentedly twisting thin wires into dragons, spiders, trishaws and the likes and a sole AngMoh (yes u read it right) hawker peddling cute fruit-shaped magnets (3 for RM10) made in Vietnam.
After a short while, we decided to make our way back to the car (hopefully the Volvo would still be where we parked it) and get away from the stress. What a disappointing trip!
Our next stop last night was IKEA but not for its non-existent meatballs. We wanted to visit the Pet Safari there! It is HUGE and comparable with ours at Vivo City. Same decor and all. There were two little shitzhus and two tiny silky terriers and oooolala a beautiful siberian husky and a cute GRT. *slurps* But ok ok , I better "save for a rainy day". :P

We found a good pet hotel for JayJay (ok we've decided on the name) to stay when we hit the shops in Tokyo and because he is so small and has not had his 3 jabs, he wld probably be boarded in the pet hospital during our absence. The poor dear.. Never mind, we bought him a little shirt though and when we bring him out, he can wear it! HEE HEE. Alan has a similar one.
Dinner was a yummy affair at Dragon-Inn at The Curve. For RM48, we had a bowl of ra-men, drunken chicken, xiao long bao and gingko and beancurd skin. A bit pricey but dollar for dollar as compared to what is sold in SIN. After "mai-tan"ing, we checked out the pasar malum nearby by returned home empty-handed. *sigh* I can't wait to go BKK man ;P

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