Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Sale at Isetan

Alan's watching dvd after a long day at work. We have just returned from KLCC after dinner. Let me quickly sum up my exploits for today:

After getting really bored surfing the internet for jobs and poking people and doing up my testimonial (for further career usage) and watching dvd, I rouse and left Lanson approximately at 6pm. The taxi-ride was smooth and cost a mere RM3.10. How unusual!

I went shopping before meeting Alan and since Isetan was having a year-end sale, that was the first place I hit. I didn't leave empty-handed. haha. I bought a SODA sweater (for our chilly Japan rendezvous) and two singlet tops (for the BKK shopping experience). All for RM126! Oh dear. The guilt is setting in...

Dinner was also extremely extravagant but well-deserved. Alan and I dined at a Japanese restaurant in KLCC at the top level and we ordered THREE set dinners (tepanyaki beef, teriyaki chicken and teriyaki unagi) and we polished off every single bit! hahaha. This pacified my empty belly which had nothing but 2 slices of toasted bread and some canned soup the whole of today.

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