Saturday, December 1, 2007

The KTV and the Kingdom

30 nov Fri

We went to this petshop cum boarding house to check it out. It is called Pet Cottage and near 1 Utama, relatively near to our new residence. The lady boss was a friendly Rachel who had her hands full with all her furry customers who were boarded. The doggies were all running around and karjiaoing each other. hahaha. Very cute! There was a cute lil poodle, schnauzer and two shitzus that were waiting to be sold as well.

After that, we jammed ( I can't write drove) to Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur's newest mega mall that is giving KLCC a run for its money. We didn't really have time to check it out though cos' we were to meet Alan's colleagues etc for a night of singing and fun-making at the Karoke on the 5th floor.

Gary, BK, if you are reading this. This is the place for you guys to show off your vocal prowess! The room was spacious and oozed appeal with its leather sofas and even a private loo! Each customer could also help themselves to a buffet spread outside. There were oysters, prawns, sashimi, salads, tomato soup, fried rice, beef, etc etc...enough to make any1 drool.

After the ktv session, Alan and I sneaked out to watch The Kingdom in the spanking new cinena at the Pavilion. Very nice seats, wonderful leg room and big screen. But we were freezing throughout the heart-stopping moments of the show.

1December Saturday

We woke up late today and decided to forgo the free buffet breakfast available to us every weekend. Alan is suffering from a tummy upset right now and he blames it on the sole oyster he ate last night drowned in tabasco sauce. I think it's the Roasted Pork he ate after we got back home. *nod nod*

We dedicate the whole morning (yes, all of the half an hour of it left to us after we woke up) and the afternoon to Art and Craft! A week ago, we had purchased a box of clay modelling set which the "taitai" was supposed to use to occupy her time with. However, because of the million and one things that the "taitai" was supposed to do (aka watch dvd, reply emails & update her blog), she never got down to doing it. Thus, the sickly husband and her started kneading, poking (not on Facebook lah!), squeezing the balls (of clay) and shaping them into a big fat unproportionate Papa Bear wearing a jumper suit and a pregnant-looking kindly looking Polar Bear girl. hahaha

No prizes for guessing which of the two was done by ME! hahahaa
We are supposed to go Chee Cheong Kai later.. but we shall see whether Alan suffers from more of The Revenge of the Bar Kuahs!

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