Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A Date with Mrs Siah!

3 December 2007 Monday

I woke up late today, like a true tai tai and pondered over what I should occupy my day with. A manicure and pedicure? A movie? Some shopping? However, as I glanced over at the overflowing cane basket of clothing just waiting to be washed, I sighed and trudged to the laundrette, staggering under the weight of the trusty basket.

I alternated the washing of clothes (1hr) with Tang Xin Feng Bao with spinning the clothes dry (1.25hr). And cooked myself some sphagetti to eat to live. Then I scampered into the bathroom to get ready.

I left Lanson at approximately 515pm and the perenial jam caused me to arrive at Pavilion mega mall (only a stone's throw away) almost half an hour later! Alone, I combed the shops and pushed the advice to 'save for a rainy day' aside for today...After all, I convinced myself, my bonus would be credited this month! haha. My last bonus from MOE. :P

I bought somethings for this wkend's trip to BKK from trusty ol' Watson's and just as I was about to give up hope of assisting the Malaysian economy to reach greater heights, I ventured into Elements. What caught my eyes was the boots on display (I am looking for a pair for Hokkaido). RM119 before 30% off! I tried size 6 and decided that I was actually a 5. My eyes wandered to other pairs of shoes and I realised that I could actually justify more purchases at this store because of the sale! However, there was no size. :( Then I scampered into the fitting room to try on a pair of 3/4s (RM79 before 30% off). Proud that I could still fit into an "S", I skipped off to pay for both items!


I ran right down to Mdm Kwan's and there Mrs Veronica Siah was, waiting for me! hehehe. Alan joined Mr and Mrs Siah and I at Mdm Kwan's and we ordered dinner. By a stroke of luck, we discovered during the meal that Mr and Mrs Siah were Alan's neighbours when they were all living in Tiong Bahru! They lived on the 16th storey, Unit 1092 and Alan lived on 11th storey, 1098!!! Apparently Mr and Mrs Siah know Alan's Ah-Ma! hahahaa. After dinner, Alan and I went to our favourite hangout at Petsmore to buy all the doggie stuff for JayJay! We bought a leash, a feeding bowl, waterbottle, shampoo, conditioner etc etc.. EVEN A DOGGIE HOUSE!

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