Wednesday, November 28, 2007


We went back to Sri Tiara in Mid Valley to view the apartment for the second time this week. It's 1,800 sq feet and it's on the 12th storey. The lush greenery surrounding the apartment and the relatively high altitude made us seem to be in Genting Highlands. However, the view of a very scary looking apartment block just opposite our potential residence left much to be desired.
However, the up-side is that the kitchen is MUCh bigger than that of Lanson Place's small lil pantry-like thing, and there's an oven for me to experiment with. The security guard is a friendly ol' man called Mr Sugu who gushes on and on about the benefits of living in Sri Tiara Serviced Residences. Also, the backyard is superb for our two lil' furry sons and there is also a washing and spin-dry machine catered for each household. The masterbed room also has full-length windows which overlook the lush greenery. :D

Mid Valley megamall is a 10-15min trot away, down a winding road and since the mini-mart in Sri Tiara is nothing to crow about, I'd have to make my way there to do my grocery shopping. We'll see.. At least there are also international schools there for me to scout around.

2322- We are back home already after watching Hitman at KLCC (745pm show) after a quick dinner laddened with MSG at the food court. Not v nice show. Should have watched The Kingdom. :P

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