Thursday, November 29, 2007

Peace at Lanson

Nothing much to update, really. Today has been dedicated to shamelessly pursuing HK drama serials, surfing the internet, checking my emails, reading a FengShui book I've just purchased from Kino at KLCC last night and maybe starting on Harry Potter again (after the initial 26pages, I have put the book down 1+week ago and never picked it up).

Time really flies, even when you are doing nothing substantial. hahaha. But I am looking forward to seeing Coco/Casper/ JJ again on 10th Dec, after we return home from Bangkok. Ahhh.. Bangkok- the land of cheap massages, good food and birdnests and bargaining sprees along suan lom night market. hahaha.

I told Alan, one day in KL, we will dress really down, abandon our LV and take a cab down to Petaling St in Chinatown to see what it is REALLY like. We drove past there to send Zesa and Yusheng to the bus station and it looked tremendously crowded and congested. I just wanna experience Chee Cheong Kai for myself. (Mummys if you are reading this, not to worry. We'll take care of ourselves).

Last night's Hitman was not fabulous and now I have a craving to watch Colin Farrel in The Kingdom! hehehe.

Back at hm:

We drove to 1Utama admist the terrible traffic jam and past afew broken down cars and witnessing the aftermath of at least 2 accidents. We left our house at 625pm and got to our destination at 810pm! O MY GOD! NEVER AGAIN! This was done all in a bid to buy a doggie house to be made (by our very own carpenter Mr Alan) for Coco/ JJ/ Casper watever his name may be.

We rushed through our dinner at Laksa Shack. After wolfing down the cold Sarawak Laksa and Sticky Singapore Laksa and six puny and icy otak-otak, we proceeded very quickly to Pet Wonderland to try to buy the house. However, after finally locating it, with the help of a friendly bald assistant, we decided that RM 495 was too much to pay for something that we didn't think the boys (our dogs lah) would need and appreciate.

So we trotted home disappointed, not before buying 2 bread papa puffs, some Mei Zhen Xiang roasted pork slices and some groceries.

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