Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bye Bye KL, Hello Melbourne (again)

Hello everyone,

An hour after this time tomorrow, Alan, Ethan and I will be in the cab on our way to KLIA. We are bringing Ethan to chilly, wintery Melbourne! This is our first trip away with him (excluding Singapore and Cameron Highlands etc) and we are very excited but also a little worried (petrified, more like it). Just hope everything goes according to plan and he will behave himself and be an angel. :)

We are leaving KLIA for Spore (transit 1.5hrs) and then taking SQ direct from Spore to Melbourne, arriving in MEL at 620am. We will then collect the car and try to make our way successfully to Phillip Island 2.5hr's drive away from Melbourne airport. The adventure will begin then!! OOOOoOooo How exciting.

ANyway, Ethan turned 7months old today. How amazingly fast. and tomorrow, Alan and I will celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary on board the plane. haahahha. How lovely! *claps* OK just a short update - have to go n stuff MORE things into the suitcases ---> It's certainly NOT easy packing for a 10 day trip which comprises a 7month old kiddo. :(

I think this will be my 4th time placing foot on Melbourne soil. ahahahaha.

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