Thursday, April 1, 2010

Our Busy Trip Back to Spore

Wow. The recent trip back to Singapore was indeed hectic and tiring. I think Ethan lost a bit of weight there... :P

Friday 26 March 2010 (Ethan is 5 Months old today!)

We left for home at around 245pm today. The drive was painfree and we arrived at around 6pm. First stop was NUS Temasek Hall to pick up the princess of a younger sister. And then, next stop was Tiong Bahru MRT station taxi stand to pick up the Empress of a Mother. Then, we all headed hurriedly to my inlaw's place for dinner.

The after-dinner plans included a family biz discussion and also viewing of the successfully rented central kitchen with some contractors. Then, it was home to 110B where we all collasped.

Saturday 27 March 2010

Alan had stuff to do in the morning so I took care of Ethan at home. Then, at around 6pm, we went to fetch my mom and all gathered at the Changi airport T3 for a good dinner.
We decided that Dian Xiao Er was a good choice and waited for almost an hour (it felt) for a suitable table to accomodate two baby strollers.

Dinner was a big clay bowl of soup each and their famous roasted duck, cod fish, toufu, vege, pork ribs etc etc. YuMZ! After the good food, we decided that some dessert should be enjoyed but everywhere was PACKED. T3 seems to be the new hang-out for all Singaporeans - especially those with young children. :P T3 car park even has this amusement area for little kiddos to drive around in big giraffe / tiger floats! I am amazed.

Anyway, I digressed. We ended up having a light 'dessert' at Jollybean - not that delicious but a healthier option definitely- and then heading home.

Sunday 28 March 2010

Again, Alan headed out in the morning to meet with some people. Ethan and I slept in a bit and then I bathed him. It was then off to Azlin's to see Baby Danial. :) We drove and drove to Bkt Panjang area (OMG so far) and reached her place at around 2pm.

It was almost like a mini-CGS gathering. Elaine, Leo and Wanhui were there and soon after we arrived, Zhao Fang, Alexis, Eileen and Mas popped over. After we went googoogaga over Baby Danial, Ethan started fussing and we left promptly so that I could feed him in the car.

Next stop: Waterina. We met up with Ester, our friend's housing agent who had just sold his unit for him. She was to help us in the sale of Waterina also. We brought her over to our unit and enjoyed reminiscing about the past. I quite miss living there. It's a really nicely done-up place (Alan has an eye for detail and we share the same tastes.) and I was a bit sorry that we were to let it go. But hey, must take adv of the soaring property prices, right? hee hee.

Anyway, after Esther left, Ryan (our other marketing agent and my long-time friend )came over and brought 2 other potential buyers. I went over to Keekiat's house to give Baby Ethan a wipe down as he was sweating profusely and very uncomfortable indeed. Little Raeann helped - she's such a dear. :)

Once all the property-stuff was attended to, we met up with the rest of the family for dinner at Furama Hotel for a buffet dinner.

Monday 29 March 2010

Today was designated for SHOPPING! We initially had wanted to buy a walker for Ethan but at the last minute, after conversing with a friend, gave up the idea. :) Don't wanna impede Ethan's developments. Let him progress naturally :)

First , we headed to POSB on the 4th floor of Takashimaya to open a bank account for Ethan. Finally, all his angpao money can be deposited! It took us quite a while to do the necessary and after we were finally done, we were all famished!

Lunch was at Central (HK cafe) at the basement of Taka and Mum joined us there albeit suffering from a mump-like syndrom. We polished off beef horfun and fishhead beehoon soup and 4 layer toufu cake and a polo bun before washing all the grease down with tea and coffee.

We had $200 Taka vouchers to spend. Sad to say, the day before was the last day of the Baby fair which was held in Taka atrium :P Alan wanted to invest in a coffee latte maker but could not find the specific model we had been searching for. After a while, a call came in---

ESTHER HAD SOLD OUR WATERINA CONDO!! :O My goodness, this girl is super efficient! She had sold the condo in barely 24hours! *claps* She then arranged to come down to taka to pass ALan the cheque and get him to sign some papers.

Before Esther came,we popped into the baby section of Taka and bought mustela shampoo and facial cream for Ethan again. Ye Ye also picked up 3 (for $10) cotton tops for Ethan's home-wear. Another DVD and a set of Baby Einstein flash cards went into our shopping cart as well. :)

At Cedele, Alan signed away his beautiful condo unit (sob) for a good price (cheer) and we all enjoyed our drinks and chatted with our efficient housing agent.

After a short discussion after biding Esther farewell, Alan and I decided that we had better not save the $300 and invest in the Baby Bjorn carrier. :P We are going on a holiday soon and carrying Ethan out and about gives me great aches and pains (arms / shoulders/ back). So if we are going to enjoy ourselves in Australia in the near future, better invest in a proper carrying equipment! :P

Soon, it was nearing 5pm (time really flew by that day) and my MIL strolled over in the rain from Mt E where she works, to join us in Taka. My Mom left for home to rest and recuperate. We all went to my inlaw's place again for a home-cooked meal and Ethan and I fell promptly asleep before dinner whilst the rest of the family headed to the central kitchen (in the flat nearby) to do some measurements and calculations. ;D

After dinner and discussion, we all watched Ethan on the video cam and laughed at his antics.

Tuesday 30 March 2010

We woke up at around 830am and got ready to leave for the beach. I wanted to show Ethan the Singapore beach and had promised Ash that we would bring him along that morning as well. :D
The weather was lovely and a tad cloudy and there was a soft breeze that ruffled the leaves of the trees.

It was fantastic too that it was a Tues morn and there were very few people to crowd up the place. We greeted an AngMoh lady with her 2 year old son. She was very interested in Ash and less so in Ethan. ahahhaha.

Ethan enjoyed his walk but started sweating a fair bit even with his portable fan pointed directly at him. haahha. Alan and I wanted a late breakfast but realised Mac's would not allow Ash on its premises. So we bought Subway instead and brought it back home.

After eating my sandwich, I proceeded to shower Ethan whilst Alan spoke to Esther who had arrived to finalise the sale of the condo. Then, we bade Mum farewell and left to Tai Sing for Alan to pick up more spare parts for his RC car AGAIN!!!!!!!!

I tasted out the Baby Bjorn sling and it was certainly appreciated as I could have both hands empty to shop around. There were many toys in the shop and Ethan and I had a great time. An Iranian lady was very interested in Ethan and talked to him and asked for his name etc. hahaha. He charms people from all walks of life, hor?

Well, once Alan was done. I decided that I was too tired to go to Raffles City to check out the baby foods section as we had initially decided. So we headed for the causeway straightaway w/o lunch.

After hours of smooth driving, we stopped at KFC at around 345pm to grab a bite and fill our ravenous bellies before zooming back home to Bangsar. :)

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