Saturday, April 3, 2010

Family Friday!

Last evening, after tuition, Alan and I brought Ethan to Bangsar Shopping Village. We wanted to try out the new Baby Bjorn harness that we had paid a hefty SGD299 for in Takashimaya, SIngapore but brought his stroller along, just in case.
Once we arrived at BSV, we harnessed him and boy did he look cute! :D Many passersby gave him lingering glances and smiled at him and one Indian lady pushing a pram with a toddler inside did a detour around Ethan and us just to take another look! hahaha

Dinner was a meal at Fish & Co. I opted for the healthier choice of grilled dory fish with coriander sauce and Alan had his usual Best Fish & Chips in Town. We shared a drink and a cream of fish soup and a platter of cheesy mussels.

Ethan was a good boy and sat quietly in his stroller for around 3/4 of the time we spent in the restaurant. However, once he got bored and restless, he started to fuss and then we had to carry him AGAIN.

After the meal, we went into Toys R'Us and Ethan was enthralled by the wide array of toys. He posed cutely with the Martian family and stared at the colourful display of fun things. We wanted to buy him a small swimming pool to sit in (in our garden) but I've decided to wait till he can sit up properly by himself instead.

We left Toys R'Us empty-handed but discovered that window shopping can be fun too - esp since baby's in the harness and both our hands are empty! :) I'm so glad we invested in the harness. :)

Next stop: The Village Grocer. I wanted to take a look at the baby foods and etc. And also bought two packets of white fungus for our soup in the evenings. I had thoroughly enjoyed drinking soup at my inlaw's place recently and wanted to replicate Gina's soups.

Whilst we were browsing, two kids ( separately ) pointed Ethan out to their parents. One even mentioned loudly, " Cute little baby". hahaha. Such nice compliments to hear. I am thankful that Ethan is such a loveable boi (esp since he has lost his jaundice and his horrid tan). Ethan helped Mommy to carry her plastic bag of white fungus after we left the supermarket! Such a helpful boy! :D

After short visits to Ace Hardware and the Organic Food Shop, we made our way home contentedly. :)

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