Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yam Cakes & Macademia Nut Chochip Cookies!

It's thunderstorming now. The kiddo's asleep. He woke up briefly, startled by the thunder and lightning. He opened his eyes big bigggg.. Then, realising that Mummy was lying beside him and patting him, he promptly decided that the weather was too good and fell right back to sleep. I just sneaked away from his bedroom.

Nowadays, we have naps and playtime during the day in Ethan's bedroom, surrounded by lotsa fun things - e.g. baby posters, wall stickers, lamaze play gym, ABC mat etc etc. And then, at night, he will sleep in Dad and Mom's room on our bed. I hope to wean him off slowly from sleeping on our bed but the fact that I nurse him to sleep doesn't give me the incentive to do the former. hahaha Lazy Mommy!

Yesterday, I made steamed yam cakes for our dinner and Alan's breakfast the following day. They turned out quite yummy, I must say! And because the servings were huge, Alan brought the cakes into the office to feed his staff this morning! hahaha

The day before, I also baked Macademia Nut and Choco Chip cookies for Alan and Jean. But sad to say, the hubby thinks they are 'as hard as doggie biscuits'!! (Ethan doesn't seem to think so though!)

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