Sunday, March 21, 2010

Something Different

To continue in the theme of doing "something different", Alan and I and Ethan took a walk this morning in the neighbourhood. Actually, I had woken up at around 8am and toyed with the idea of going for a stroll for at least 15minutes... Then, the son and husband stirred and so I mooted the idea.

It was indeed a lovely experience. There were clouds in the sky and it wasn't hot at all. Jay Jay and Coco formed the entourage as well. I had slapped on mosquito repellent for Ethan as I know how vicious the mozzies are in this neighbourhood.

A few months ago, when Ethan was even "littler", ALan and I had taken him on a walk. We placed him in the stroller and immediately he started screaming his head off. Needless to say, our walk did not last very long. :P

Today was different though. Ethan squinted in the sunlight but did not protest as we placed him in the stroller. He proceeded to stone his way around the neighbourhood and after a few minutes, the movement of the stroller lulled him into a deep sleep again. hahaha. What a babe!

After the walk, Alan and I left to have bf at our usual coffeeshop. I decided to have toasted bread instead of my usual noodles. And then we went to TMC to pick up some items. Along the way there, Saw Hoon called and they wanted to pop over to bring us the toys they promised.

We hurried home and strawberry tea, strawberries and kiwis were served to our guests. :) We had a great time laughing over the videos of our previous Morib Beach day trip. :) The Tan family gave us a few wooden jigsaw puzzles, a toy lawn mower and also an 'egg'citing toy that sharpens the child's counting skills. They also gave me a book on what toys are useful ones to buy from the birth to two years of age of your child. Their son is a future doctor and their daughter is a future dentist... I think I shall get Ethan started on the toys in no time. hahahah. Joking lah.

In the evening, Ethan was all tired out and he fell asleep next to Daddy on the rocking sofa. How cute! hahaha

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