Thursday, February 4, 2010

Our Long Weekend

We embraced the long weekend by doing nothing substantial - we just enjoyed each others' company and enjoyed the serenity of our house and our 50" TV!. :)

Saturday 30th January 2010

We demolished a couple of DVDs at home and then, had an early dinner at Harbour Steamboat at Sri Petaling. We invited Ye Seong and Sheena to come along and after a quick wash up, they did. hehe

I wasn't very famished, sad to say and did not enjoy the steamboat as much as the previous time (the night before I delivered Ethan). After that, we bought yummy Ipoh chicken rice for Ening from the nextdoor stall and returned home (to find that our dear son had yet again rejected the bottle). :P

Sunday 31st January 2010

Again, brunch was at home but we left for The Gardens at around 330pm for our facial. My skin is as dry and rough as sandpaper because of the lack of care (Ethan is a clingy baby!) and also because of the once-in-a-while swimming sessions.

After the facial, we had no other option but to return home immediately. We sighed as normally (read: w/o a baby at home), we would have wandered around aimlessly and treated ourselves to good food and etc.

Upon reaching home, we picked up Ening and sent her to the Pasar Malum nearby. Ethan joined us then for a delicious dinner at D'Lish. I chose the RM33 3-course dinner and Alan (surprisingly) chose a Seafood Marinara.

My Beef Wellington did not arrive until after we had almost polished off Alan's sphagetti. And amazingly, my Minestrone soup FOLLOWED the beef. Oh well... Thankfully, everything was delicious, and I had no further complaints. This is Malaysia, after all. I learned not to expect too much, in terms of customer service.

The dessert was a huge piece of Orange cake which was OH-SO-GOOD! It was light and moist and melted in the mouth.. OOoOlaLaaaa. I LiKE!! Good choice, hubby! And Bye Bye Diet!!!

Monday 1 Feburary 2010

I don't know why today was a public holiday (only in KL) but I am thankful for it. :) Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to have my hubbie around the house and interacting with our lil' one. :)

We decided not to laze today away and got e'one ready (En included) to leave for our 'jalan jalan' at MVMM.

It was 1130am when we arrived and we headed for brunch at Din Tai Fung. Alan ordered a 6 xiaolongbao + 6 crab meat bao platter, spicy jelly fish to share and we each had a big bowl of noodles. :) Ethan was caught staring at the colourful menu too, as if deciding what he wanted to order. So cute!!

We made a beeline for Robinsons to do some research on Ethan's future feeding chair and walker. But there was only a v small range.

Then, we proceeded to Ace Hardware where Alan finally picked up a proper Vernier Callipers (for his r/c car AGAIN!) and then I popped into Watson's for everything else. It was almost 3pm when we opted for Jonker Street Sweets (The Gardens) and were once again disappointed by the quality of the desserts. I doubt I'd ever patronize the stall again. The pictures of their products for sale truly misguide any potential customer!!

Everyone was dead tired by the time we got into the car and went home. ZzZzz
p/s: ANOTHER long weekend is coming. 26th feb is a pub hol again!! Weeeeeee

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