Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mall Stratagems

Today, Alan and I left the house for MVMM with a vengeance.

I was to have my hair cut. The day before, if you remember, Ethan had his virgin hair cut and Alan had his usual hair wash/ massage / cut. I, however, had no luxury of opportunity - I had to take care of the baby. Even with the maid around, I will be the one carrying him, mostly because an offered breast in his face would usually keep him quiet and satisfied. hahaha.

Anyway, I had to sit in the chair, after my hair wash and massage and wait for Bill for all of 1.5hours! My God! To think we had already turned up on time at 1230pm! :P It was nearly 3pm when I got outta the chair and stretched my numb legs. *sigh* Alan in the meanwhile had left the salon to self-entertain. And in due course, bought himself 200g of roasted bacon!

I had another agenda. I had to buy a pair of comfy new shoes (for CNY). A pair which would allow me to carry Ethan confidently without worrying about balancing and falling down and also let me climb the zillions of stairs at the temple we would always visit on CNY Day 1. After popping in and out of many-a-store, BATA (OMG) had the pair to offer. A marie-clare brown pair of chunk heels! At a steal, I might add of Rm 78!

After we had e'thing in order, we left MVMM for The Gardens as we had decided that lunch was going to be at PapaRich. I tried their prawn noodle soup and again ordered the red bean ice. Sad to say, both were found wanting. Alan had a plate of cold oily char kuay teow dished up for him. He washed down the generous serving of oil with his iced coffee.Thumbs down for this Papa Rich franchise! The one in Bangsar is so much better!

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