Thursday, January 28, 2010

My XX Birthday!

I think I should stop celebrating my birthday and pretend the 26th January every year does not old any significance. I heard that once you reach 30, it's downhill all the way..ahhaha. I've stopped counting since then...

Anyway, the day started like any other. I bathed little Ee Hom and we relaxed in the 'splendour' of our house together. As the hours flew by, the day seemed as ordinary as any other... until at around 430pm when the doorbell rang.

My initial reaction was that Alan had bought ANOTHER SOMETHING again to 'cherng' his rc car. But noooooooo.. I was surprised indeed when Ening came up with a huge bouquet of blue roses and an evil looking bear buried in the bouquet. hahaha. My husband has 'sim'. :)

When Alan came home, we headed for Aurora at Jln Telawi nearby for our 2hour hot stones treatment. It was OK, I guess. Was splattered with oil all over and then, shocked by the heat of the stones when the therapist rubbed them all over.

After the 2 hours of pleasure and pain, we headed to the long alley of atas restaurants. Finally, after strolling down the alley, I decided on Cungdinh Vietnamese Restaurant. :) Good choice!

I had duck noodles and Alan had his usual beef phoa. :P We shared an appetiser platter and also a sizzling beef side dish which was served on a flaming dish. interesting! Alan had his usual Viet coffee whilst I had a soursop juice. The bill was around RM160+ and the ambiance and food make it all very worthwhile.
Thanks for the lovely evening , Laogong!

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