Saturday, January 16, 2010

No Wonder Papa is Rich!

We didn't do anything significant today. Alan and I zoned out at home because Ethan didn't sleep well last night (again). *sigh*

Anyway, we caught Phobia 2 on dvd today and ended up laughing because the last story was so entertaining. ahhaa.

Dinner was out because lunch was in. We spotted a best friend's shop along the way and picked up 6 more movies. I'm still waiting for Feng Yun, Avatar, Sherlock Homes etc to be out. :)
We decided to give PapaRich a shot and it was very worth while. I had a chicken drumstick Ipoh Kway Teow and a red bean milkshake (I seem to be addicted to this drink nowadays) and Alan had curry noodles and a ABC durian ice-something lah. All for only RM42. Cheap and good.

The red bean milkshake was creamy and luxurious and filled with alnatural taste. :) My Kway Teow was tasty too and the chicken succulent. Alan's curry noodles was spicy to taste and had quite alot of ingredients. The ABC special was very interesting. Apart from shaved ice and gula melaka, it had ingredients such as a scoop of durian icecream, sweet corn, peanuts, raisins, red bean paste, the green "worms" you find in chendol and also cincau. Very exciting.
By the time dinner was over, I was stuffed beyond words and felt like Ethan after he had been put to the breast for half an hour.

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