Friday, January 15, 2010

Great Company on a Friday!

Today, Ethan and I had many visitors. First, at around 6pm, Dania and her mother very kindly came to visit. Dania is my student who will be leaving for Australia to study on 23/1/10. She came to bid me farewell and also to visit Ethan. :) Dania's mother had generously bought Ethan a Learning Toolbench from FisherPrice and a Lamaze cloth book to add to his collection. YaY!

The three of us chatted all the way till around 645pm with Ethan entertaining them with his cuteness. ahahha. He refused to 'speak' though - I had told them that Ethan responds to me by saying "oooooo" "ooooOOoo" when I tell him stories. But at least he didn't entertain them with screams / wails. hahaha. Ethan spent the 45mins staring at me hahah. I also entertained the mother and daughter with stories of him and etc. hahaha. It was fun.

At approx 730pm, Ethan's godparents came. Poor YeSeong has undertaken a stint to work in Shanghai and Sheena will be alone in KL (with Bizzy and Myra their two dogs). Alan had retrieved a couple of boxes of them (they are moving house) and they also came to borrow our suitcases.

We treated them to a farewell dinner at O'lish. The RM33/ set dinner promo was on and what great value for money it was! Alan had the fried calamari for starters and I had the crab cakes. Then, for the main course, Alan had beef wellington and I had a very good salmon steak. There was even dessert - a huge piece of cake each. I chose the carrot whilst he had the more decadent cheese.

The company was great too and we giggled over how silly Ethan would look in a huge remote control car drifting by and exchanged ghost stories as the night passed. Then, at 10pm, we returned home to have some fruits before I had to bid them an "early" goodnite and retired to the bedroom to feed Ethan.

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