Friday, January 15, 2010

Ethan is GrOwInG uP!

I realise that I have not been updating you with pictures of my little 'angel', so here goes:

Ethan has been more and more responsive recently. He enjoys listening to the stories I tell him - seldom from the storybooks though (as he delights in watching my facial expressions). He also contributes to the stories with audible "oooooooo"s. hahaha It's super entertaining, I tell you.

He has a current favourite toy too. I just introduced him to Dog Dog (given generously by Aunty May Yin) yesterday. Dog Dog has different textures and has a rattle and a bell sewn inside it. It also bounces up and down and , when you press down hard on his nose, he will 'bark'. haha.

Ethan smiled and laughed out loud today when he played with Dog Dog. hahha

Sitting on the sofa with my Favourite Toy, Dog Dog!

Oh yah, tonight we will be going out with Ethan's GodPa and GodMa. Ethan's Godpa, Ye Seong will be leaving for Shanghai (for a year of work) in a month's time. So we will throw him a fare ye well dinner this evening, when they come over to collect boxes from us to pack their stuff.

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