Thursday, June 25, 2009

Parkson and Pork Knuckles

Thursday 25 June 2009

Today, Alan and I spent a fruitful day out after he knocked off from work.

He picked Jay Jay, Coco and me up and we sent the dogs to Liz's to be boarded for 5 nights because of our trip back to Singapore. We know that our sons are in good hands everytime we leave them at Dogroomz and we left with bounce in our steps and not with a heavy heart. Jay Jay stood on his two hind legs at the door of the shop and waved goodbye fleetingly to his mum before rushing off to chase Coco around the shop. :P

W made our way to Parkson at Pavilion next. The motive was to buy our baby items - the bigger items. We paid for the Graco Play pen and and the Boori Country Crib and then bought a few more items with the vouchers we had with us, including the sterilizer. hahaha Parkson seems to be our favourite shopping haunt already- for baby and house stuff only, of course! We also signed up on the spot for the BonusLink card which allowed us greater rebate value (x5 the amount spent) on that particular day!

After that very satisfying shopping experience, we left Pavilion and decided to treat ourselves to the very-delicious (or so Alan claimed) German food, found around the corner. We got stuck in a massive traffic jam and by the time we arrived at Elcerdo, all three of us (Ethan included) were starving.

We were first served with my carrot milk juice and then a complimentary soup. Soon the appetiser came - pork steak which was very nicely done and flavourful. The huge and intimidating plate of pork knuckle (1/2) came next and by then I was already half full. hahahaa.
The complimentary sides included the buttery mashed potatoes and the gooey cabbage. We tackled our food with gusto, enroute gossiping about a Japanese couple whom were seated very near us. The restaurant soon filled itself with patrons and the clatter and chatter got deafening. For a Thursday night, business was indeed good.

We left around two hours later with heavy bellies and smiles of satisfaction on our faces. Verdict - Nice romantic ambiance (albeit abit too noisy) and NOT for the puny stomached. hahaa

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