Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

Hello dearies,
Last night, we went to satisfy Alan's craving of DURIANS (Again). hahaa. Went to our fav fruit stall to support our fav uncle and bought two durians (1 Mao Shang Wang n the other Ang Hei or something like that lah). Total bill ? RM43. Verdict? Delicious!

It's Tuesday todayand tonight we will be going to meet up with our ID to confirm our rennovation plans. We should hopefully get the house keys before we go back to Spore on Friday and therefore need to speed everything up!

On Friday, Alan has a last-minute-planned meeting in Malacca in the afternoon and therefore he will deposit me at a mega mall (I wanna check out the new one a stone's throw away from Equatorial Hotel) and I will self-entertain before he comes to pick me up again to resume our journey.

We should arrive in Singapore hopefully by 5pm? Probably staying for a working week as Alan has some work to clear in the Spore HQ. I will of course be decadently meeting up with my friends over lunch / tea / dinner to catch up on whatever is happening in everyone's lives! :D
So ExCITiNg!

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ecky said...

I so jealous! Mr Lim says now is the best period to eat durian. Must go and get some soon. Btw according Mr Lim, Mao Shan Wang (Hairy Mountain King???) is bitter and Ang Hei (red prawn) is sweet.