Friday, December 4, 2009

The Price of Vanity

Nothing much to update. Alan left for Singapore at 2pm yesterday afternoon. So it's Ethan, the maid and me for the next few days till he returns on Monday! At least there will not be a squeeze in bed for the next few nights. (I am looking on the brighter side of things nowadays.)

Time really flies now that Ethan is here. Just when I think I can get a breather, he will cry again and demand to be fed/ changed/ showered kisses. But he is a cutie and I am happy to have him around. I love to hug him to sleep, whilst he is nursing and then watch him fall asleep on my chest. This feeling is irreplaceable. Considering that I never wanted children, I think I have come a long way :P

Today was my third urut session and it was a more humane more (as I had fervently requested for). I was all bruised and battered from my second (just yesterday) and here the burly woman was again, tormenting me outta my skin. OMG.

My urut lady has a weird problem with time though. She was supposed to turn up at 11am yesterday but at 1145am she had not come. So I called her and she said that her daughter was having tuition and could she please come at 1230pm instead? HMMmmm.. She never bothered to call me to rearrange the timing. :P

And then today, she was supposed to come at 1130am but 'ding dong' my doorbell rang at 11am. omg. Maybe she can't tell the time very well? no leh.. she leaves on the dot, after our 75minute session. hmmmmmmmmm

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