Monday, November 30, 2009

Our little Prince, Ethan - After one month

Today, after a long long time, En and I were left at home alone with Baby Ethan. Alan went back (relunctantly) to work in the morning and the responsibility of taking care of the little one, fell heavily upon both our shoulders. So far so good though, thankfully.

The normal routine (if there is one) is to bathe him after he wakes up. During the first month of his existence, bath time was roughly around 9am and the Confinement Lady would take that shift, after she baked him in the sun for a short while. I would then quickly wash up and prepare the udders in anticipation of another feed after he got cleaned and sweet-smelling.

After the CL left, and for the past one week, Alan and I bathed him diligently. And today, En and I did a good job. :) Ethan's bath time is getting later and later though. ahhaha TOday it was at 10am. But then again, we don't have a plane to catch!

After the bath and dress up session, Ethan will have his feed again (or if he is drowsy, we will skip that till later) and then be put to bed- alone this time. I am afraid he has become very dependent on me. He's always sleeping on our bed (thank god it's king sized!) and in between Alan and I. (There's truly a third party in my marriage!) Ethan loves to have a warm hand placed on his chest for a sense of security whilst he sleeps. And most of the time, he falls asleep just like that (hence the creation of the aching-hand-syndrom) whilst facing me. :) It's a great feeling to drift off to slumberland whilst looking at your little one. Reminds me of the song in Ammagedon, "I could stay awake, just to watch you sleeping.." Just scrap the 'stay awake' part, cos I can hardly keep my eyes open.

At 5+, 6pm, it's time again, after countless of feeding sessions, to have a wipe-down before "bedtime". This little prince is a night owl though and most of the time, his 'bedtime' is after midnight. :P To keep my sanity, I try to have a short nap or two throughout the day.

Both Papa and Mama have distinguished a couple of his cries as well. His "I-want-milk-NOW" cry goes like this: "O LEHHHHHHH O LEHHHHHH" hahahah. It's quite comical, really. And his "I-have-poo-poo-in-my-pants" cry is an urgent cry of distress coupled with arms and legs thrashing in mid air. The face he makes whilst he burps is a classic though, and my favourite. hahaha. If he's really sleepy, he will attempt to look up at his burper (the person burping him) and little fine lines will appear on his forehead. He will (try) to hold his head up as well. And of course, he will turn tomato red. hahaha. CUTE! The little Darling's Poo poo is a fish curry (yes the type you dip your crispy prata into) colour and it is excerted in loud and forceful spurts. hahahha. The deaf also will be able to hear him go after a big meal. He has a tendency to pee after his bath as well and the degree of projectile will surely impress. So far, he has treated a couple of people to "tea" already.

Ethan's favourite sleeping place in the house is in our hall. I think he much prefers the ceiling fan to the airconditioning. Also, he absolutely adores his rocker chair (courtesy of Grandpa and Grandma) from Fisherprice and he snoozes in the chair a couple of times a day. Jay Jay and Coco however, make it difficult for Ethan to get a good nap. They are very concerned about him and come up close to check on him every now and then. They also sleep by his side in a bid to protect him. But, they do bark loudly at strangers outside the house and this startles Ethan (arms flung out -> eyes open -> loud wails) and therefore does not make this sleeping arrangement very conducive. :P

He has begun, a week or two ago, to make weird animal noises as well. ahahha. Very hard to describe but super entertaining. This occurs during burping sessions or certain pockets of time when he is alone in his cot and entertaining himself.

Baby Ethan's "smiles' are still muscular twitches (the baby book says that only after 6 weeks old will a newborn's smile light up his eyes) but there was once, last week, when he was lying on my lap when Ethan gave me a BIG BRIGHT GRIN (that reached his eyes) suddenly. I was mesmerized and went 'ooooohhhh" and ' ahhhhh' and then, seconds later, I found out the reason for the glee - he had peed on my pants!!! ahhahaha. The cheeky monkey!! Luckily he's too cute for me to exact revenge on!

Alright, before I go on and on gushing about my son, I better pen off now and take a quick power nap. ;)

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