Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Failed Urut & Sphagetti Marinara

Today, the Urut lady, who was supposed to come at 11am for my first session, decided that she was too lazy and therefore smsed me 45mins before the session to tell me she was not coming. *sigh* :P

Anyway, I sneaked out together with Alan to Bangsar for lunch. I wanted Japanese but after climbing up to the second floor of BSV, we realised that Sakae Sushi had closed (DAMN). We walked here and there and finally settled for D'lish.

I wanted Salmon Teriyaki but in the end, had what Alan ordered (Sphagetti Marinara) because of time constraints. By the time we got home, Ethan had woken up and gone back to sleep (w/o drinking any of the expressed milk in the fridge).

Here are some more pictures of Ethan, taken today - to satisfy the excited grandparents. :)

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