Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jean's here to stay

15th December 2009 Tuesday

Jean came over to stay for a bit and we (Alan, Ethan and I) went to fetch her in the pouring rain. There was a massive traffic jam to Jln Ampang, Corus Hotel, where the Aeroline coach stopped and by the time we got there, Jean had just disembarked too.

Dinner was at Robson and cost a hefty RM250 (that's how much we spend, as a family for a whole week of groceries and fresh food!!). We had pork ribs, a soon hock, vegetables and thick thick fish maw soup.

16th December 2009 Wednesday

We decided to send JayCo earlier to the boarding hostel and so we took them this evening. After depositing them at Dogroomz, Alan and I brought Jean for dinner. Sad to say, our favourite steamboat porridge place (Eastern Delights) had closed down so we ventured on to greener pastures.

The ShabuShabu place was a buffet joint so we gave that a pass and ended up at another steamboat restaurant (I can't rem the name but it has something to do with 100). We could each choose our soup base individually. I had the milky fishhead soup and so did Jean and Alan chose golden porridge. We ordered a set and added some items. The drinks were also to die for. :)

17th December 2009 Thursday

We headed home to Singapore and commenced our journey at 5pm sharp. After going through the Malaysian customs with ease, we had to bring Ethan outta the car at the Singapore checkpoint and present some documents. You see, our son was born in Malaysia and has a Malaysian BC. But we applied for his Singapore citizenship and passport (the latter could only be collected in Singapore on the 18/12).

Finally, we got through the customs, after presenting little Ethan and all his documents (e.g. Document of Identity etc) and then we zoomed back to Siglap and unloaded all the stuff whilst Jean picked up take-aways of bowls of delicious beef noodles soup for our late dinner at 930pm.

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