Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Battle Scars

pic taken on Day 8
3 Novemeber 2009 (Tuesday)

I had an AM appt with Dr Ravi to remove my stitches and Alan accompanied me there. Both of us sat in his clinic, fighting off the sleep bug. Our panda eyes are comparable to Dr Ravi's though his is for a good cause. ;p I printed out a pic of Ethan to add to Dr's collection.

My battle scar is an approximately 15cm long thin red line running below my bikini line. It has healed rather neatly (Dr Ravi is a genius) - I had initially worried about the c-sec leaving frankenstein scars. All my worries were unfounded.

Dr Ravi also introduced us to a scar-removing gel pack which costs a hefty RM194. It's called Cica-care and supposed to reduce scarring and keloids (something I am prone to getting after a wound). We also shopped in the pharmacy for hot/ cold packs for my cow glands, and bolster swaddles for Ethan and also alcohol wipes for ET's umbilical cord.

After the stitches were removed, Alan and I sneaked into Victoria Station to grab a DECENT bite. hahaha After all the confinement food (pig trotters, pig stomach, pork ribs etc etc) I was craving for some REAL FOOD.

We each had a creamy mushroom soup and a ribeye steak ahahah. Shhhhhhhhh. Eh, my confinement lady endorsed my meal it's all OK!!

After that ,we headed to Mid Valley to change $ and then I returned home to feed my starving and irate son who had already finished up the store of expressed breast milk in the fridge. :P I was immediately placed on a guilt trip when he looked at me with big soulful eyes which seemed to ask ," Had enough fun? Where were you when I was starving?" and when Ethan heard my voice, he burst out into wails again. boooooohoooooooo.

4 November 2009 (Wednesday)

Ethan is 10 Days Old today. Amazing how time flies. (Actually, more accurately, time flies in the day when he is angelic and crawls at night when he is a cry baby.) haha.

Last night, Alan and I had a really good sleep, however. I had expressed some milk and stored it and because of a bad back, I told the confinement lady to feed him the milk when he woke up in the wee hours. As a result, the poor fella did not disturb Daddy and Mummy at all from 11pm - 330am! Wow.

I didnt sleep all that good though, and had dreams that I was breastfeeding and when I woke up, I found myself 'breastfeeding' my bolster. OMG. The stuff that lingers in the sub-conscious mind....

Ethan also REFUSED to feed at 330am, duly pissed with his mother for not giving him enough attention (AND MILK!) and took revenge by pooping twice and wailing loudly. I had to carry him and sat , away from Alan, on the OSIM chair and both of us fell into a deep sleep there. hahaha. An hour later, I brought him back to our bed where he slept till 8am on a growling stomach! This fella got CHARACTER ah! :P

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