Thursday, November 5, 2009

Prayers for Little Tykes

My nephew (Tyler) whose EDD was to be late Nov will emerge and see the world tomorrow at 1130am via C-sec. My younger sister's adomen shares the same fate as mine. :P Little Tyler and little Ethan was conceived at around the same time as well. hahhaha.

Anyway, last night was a miracle (hope I will not jinx things by putting it publicly online). Ethan 'went to bed' after his last feed at 10+, 11pm and then did not emerge in my room until around 530am. He had roused once at 230am to feed again (from the bottle) and Auntie has taken that unearthly-houred shift.

He hungrily fed from 530 to almost 7am this morning, by then I had already fallen asleep countless times. haahah. Alan had had a relatively good sleep as well. Yay Praise be to God!!

Oh yah, Alan had gone to see a geomancer (who is uncannily accurate - she predicted I'd get pregnant this year and also deliver via c-sec) a couple of days back and we discovered that Little Ethan lacks the elements of water and earth in his 8 characters so hence his name was chosen:

Ethan Tan EE-Hom (sounds like wong lee hom? hehe). Chinese name will be Ethan Chen Yi Hong. Quite nice lah rite? haha. I am just glad it's not some overtly cheena pok name he will blame me for giving him for the rest of his life. hahhaa.

The little one is getting stronger and stronger and he kicks and pushes quite a fair bit. He has enough strength to lift his head to follow my voice and also to use his hands to take off his mittens. His poo has changed to a watery yellow (which the Auntie said it's 'beautiful' - I quote, "Hen Mei") - I'm glad he is peeing n pooping well. A sign of healthy feeding. One never knows how much milk he is downing when he feeds from my breast directly. *worries*

Anyway, time really flies and it's already Day 11 of his existence. Sad to say, Alan has been real busy recently and unfortunately has been spending more and more time in the office. He is also slated to fly again to Jakarta shortly. :P What terrible timing. I hope Ethan can recognise him in his later years. :P

On a lighter note, I am more confidently of handling Baby Ethan and don't fret so much nowadays. Just pray that he grows stronger and healthier and puts on more weight!

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