Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ethan's First Visit to the Paediatrician

31 October 2009 (Saturday)

Today is Ethan's 6th day in existence. We have kinda established that he is an angel in the day and a monster at night. OMG. Hope he reduces his wailing ASAP so that my family members and I do not turn into pandas. There are enough animals in the household already!

We brought the little fella to his paediatrician (Dr Lim MK, Gleneagles, KL) today at 330pm because he was turning a little yellow. Dr had said that if he started showing signs of jaundice, we shld bring him to see him asap. So there we were...

Little Ethan slept all the way in the car and only woke up when he was stripped to take his weight. OMG he lost 300g from the date of delivery!!! To think he is drinking quite well too. :P Hope his weight will go up quickly. Jia You Baobei! *mum whips out pom poms to cheer Ethan Boy on!*

Dr Lim checked Ethan and announced that there's no point of concern as of now. Very mild case of jaundice. Nei Nei paid RM122 for that piece of mind and colic drops and some nasal spray. On the way home, Alan Daddy bought icecream for himself and Nei Nei. (NOT FAIR)

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