Thursday, October 29, 2009

Welcome to Our World, Ethan!

26 October 2009 (Monday)

Alan and I packed our bags and left for Dr Ravi's at around 9am this morning. We were squeezed in to see him (since we hadn't made appt) at around 10am (after we got there admist the traffic jams). Unfortunately or fortunately, I don't really know, Dr Ravi did another scan and announced that the aminotic fluid was dwindled and the baby has not put on any weight since the last appointment. At the same time, the umbilical cord was twirled around Ethan's neck and therefore it was TIME (finally) to get him outta there!!! Because the cervix wasn't dilated, we had no other option but to slice open the belly and perform the C-section. Dr Ravi is a busy fella alright but we managed to squeeze in the operation at around 130pm. I was pushed into the OT at around 1+pm and given the spinal block by Dr Suresh. In a few minutes, I couldn't feel my legs and that was when the gloved and prepared, Dr Ravi strolled into the OT. Alan was also scrubbed down and given a blue operating gown to wear.

Then, with Alan's hand in mine, and admist continuous shuddering (effect of the spinal block), Ethan was tugged (literally) outta my womb by the expert hands of Dr Ravi. Dr Suresh helped PUSH my womb also and then SUDDENLY (at 1:49pm) the OT was filled with loud cries. Ethan had ARRIVED! Weighing in at 2.490kg and with length 44.5cm and head circumference 33.5cm).

Dr Lim MK (the pedatrician) then charged in and took charge. He cleaned and wrapped the baby etc and placed him on my chest (whilst I was still being stitched up). Ethan looked like this red little alien thing. ahaha. I looked and saw Alan's eyes tearing up (hehe) but I was too busy shuddering to activate my tear ducts.

The doctor took Ethan away after the bonding session and when I was done and Dr Ravi had completed his handiwork, I was rolled into an observation room and placed there for 20minutes to monitor my progress. BP and all. SHUDDER SHUDDER

When all was well again, I was rolled back into my maternity ward (D311) and Alan was there to welcome me. We waited (impatiently) for Ethan to be brought into my room but it was around 5pm when he came, all showered and clean. :) Because he was a tad (10g) underweight, and his glucose level was a bit low, he was given a supplement formula feed of 30ml. I was worried that he would not want my breast milk after that but thankfully he did not refuse my goodwill gesture :P

The days and nights rolled into one long stay in the hospital, but amazingly, I recuperated from the op very, very well and Dr Ravi allowed me to be discharged after 2 nights only! We left for home at 1+pm on 28th October 2009 and Ethan was introduced to his kingdom shortly after...

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