Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A visit to see Ethan

8 September 2009 (Tuesday)

We arrived at Dr Ravi's clinic 10mins late for our 10am appointment today but ironically still had to wait another 25mins or so to see him. From the last appointment, a month ago, our precious prince, Ethan, had already put on another 600g and is now tipping the scales at 1.45kg! *claps* Don't ask how much weight HIS MOTHER has put on though - very sensitive topic :P

After waving to Ethan via ultrasound screening, Alan dropped Ening and I off at Pavilion for some light shopping. I booked us a movie (G.I. Joe at 230pm) and then we headed into Parkson to spend the remaining vouchers I had.

Compared to Singapore, the choices of baby products here in KL are very limited. I ended up just buying 2 pacifiers (which I hope I will never have to use), a milk powder container, a baby comb and brush set and a pair of long pants and 2 pairs of shorts for Ethan. Ethan has LOADS of shirts but very few bottoms!

After that, we roamed into ROAM, Borders etc whilst waiting for Alan to meet us for lunch. We had Pepper Lunch - a Japanese DIY Teppanyaki Restaurant (it functions more like a fast food joint) and Alan and I enjoyed our beef steak set lunch whilst Ening wrote Happy Hari Raya cards to her family members.

We coincidentally bumped into Uncle Jimmy as well and he didn't recognise me because of my baby bump (actually, it's not a bump, it's more like a HILL). Ening and I enjoyed (errr... that's an overstatement) G.I. Joe which lasted all of 2 hours. Then, we went to roam again whilst waiting for Alan to join us. I bought stuff at Watsons and also 3 egg tarts for supper whilst watching our serial. :D

The husband and I mulled over which clocks in Molecue to place in our living room 1 and 2 and emerged from the shop empty-handed. Then, we had dinner at a HK cafe on the top floor of Pavilion. Dont know what's the name though.

My set of Borch soup , fruits and a pork ribs with fried rice was average but Alan's fried udon was as delicious as it was salty. En broke fast with a plate of fried rice and honey glazed chicken. Then we left for home to sayang the poor dogs who had been caged up since the night before. :(

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