Monday, September 7, 2009

Malacca with

5 September 2009 (Saturday)

We packed our bags and headed for Malacca Afarmosa resort with En and the two little ones today at around noon time. But before that, we had a tasteless wanton noodle breakfast at the coffeeshop in Bangsar. Gosh Malaysian hawker fare pales definitely in comparison with Singapore's. :P

We arrived at around 130pm at Afarmosa and drove to the clubhouse to check in. When we entered our Family Studio, we were quite disappointed at the quality of lodging (for RM240, we feel we deserved better). The room was old and cramped and not very exciting. En took the designated couch - which apparently was more comfortable than our bed ;P

After a sandwich / french fries lunch, we headed back to the room for a short snooze and then emerged unwillingly, under the hot sun, to join in the games and fun. There were quite a few games for the doggies - such as The Best Recall dog (the dogs lined up on one end of the field and the owners on the other end and as the horn blew, the dogs were supposed to run to their owners), the Best Dressed Dog (Jay Jay's lady bug costume didn't win him nuts), The Best Simon Says Dog (Jay Jay went quite far but was eliminated for sitting next to me and Coco actually won third placing - a trophy, no less- but it was his father who had gotten him eliminated from the competition. hahahaha), Best Trick Dog, Best Sit-Stay dog etc.

We all had a good time, albeit being burnt by the scorching rays of Mr Sun and adding more unwanted freckles to my arms and face. :P At almost 545pm, the games ended and we bade the Tan Family goodbye and went back to the studio for a quick shower.

Then, it was CRAB GALORE! Alan drove like 45mins to our milky crab restaurant (Fei Lee- opposite Bay View Hotel) and we indulged in three crabs - milky and spicy and sour, seafood horfun and a claypot toufu with vegetables. Ening ate like there was no tomorrow - apparently it was her first time eating crabs! :O The bill- RM172. Quite cheap when considering what we had ordered.

Next stop: Although absolutely zonked out, we decided to hit Jonker Walk which was just a stone's throw away from the restaurant. We parked at the car park and took a leisurely stroll down Jonker Walk (and memory lane). Nothing very much caught our eye, although I did contemplate buying the cool and chic umbrellas (which came packaged as a bottle). I bought Ethan 3 hangers and 3 Keychains (in the shape of Croc's sandals - coupled with the little buttons somemore!) and 6 paper holders. Very cute.

Strolling on further, Alan picked up some microfibre cloth and we contemplated buying a RM15 (onion / garlic cutter). We stopped by the big stage to have our durian chendol and also to watch and listen to some singers croon. Then, we headed back to the car.

The night for me was not a restful one. I had gallantly given En my quilt and since I had a bed to myself and my husband was afraid of the cold, I volunteered to sleep w/o a quilt , just directly under the airconditioner. I fell asleep almost immediately but woke up a couple of times in the night because of the cold.

6 September 2009 (Sunday)

En decided not to fast today and joined us for breakfast because the Tans had offered us their breakfast coupon. We had an unappetising breakfast of cold noodles and sambal and toasted bread with yucky jam and then headed back to KL thankfully.

Alan drove like Schumi and we arrived back home in no time at all and then vegetated in front of the tv , watching our dvd serial. In the evening, after I had a short nap, we headed out to the pasar malum to pick up our usual seafood / fruits / vegetables. Dinner was a miserable and soggy Char Kuay Teow which we did not enjoy at all. ;P

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