Friday, June 19, 2009


Ok OK. I kNOW I haven't been logging on to update my blog - blame it on the addictive nature of SIMS 3. haahhaa Alan Sims has already achieved his lifelong ambiiton of being a CEO of a Mega Corporation and is now the Governor of the town. On the other hand, Sharon Sims changed her job from a journalist and scooping up dirt of the town to being a misery chef. hahaa They already have one son, Ethan Tan , who has learned how to poop in the potty, talk and walk. hahahaa

Ok back to reality. Alan and I are headed back next weekend (again!) -this time for one working week! He has LOADS to do in the office and I'm just going to stone around town and pick up some shopping. So anyone who wants to meet up, drop me a line! YaY!

We will probably collect the keys to our new house next Monday (earlier than expected) and henceforth the renovations will begin! We look forward to moving in before the start of the Chinese 7th Month (that's in August) and getting everything spic and span before then. Guests will be welcomed after that if you wanna waddle around KL with an elephant. hahaa

Take care all!

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