Thursday, May 14, 2009

Restaurant City

With nothing better to do, I have begun playing Restaurant City. I've heard of this game a couple of times but nothing piqued my interest more than the feature article in the newspapers last week that I read when I was in Singapore.

Management of a restaurant? Sounds like a dream job. haha. Maybe in the far future, when my son / daughter has all grown up and can bring home the bread to feed the father and mother, Alan and I will set up a cafe or such.

Dunno why but many people ( I know) have this dream of setting up a small little cafe/ restaurant and entertaining their friends and relatives with good food, good ambience and great company! haha.

Actually, I had other dreams when I was young. They all were strangely associated with a particular tv serial which was airing on the then Channel 8. Be it a competitive swimmer, a policewoman, a firefighter even, those interesting thoughts were once entertained in my little brain when I was little.

And now? I am a HOUSEWIFE! (eh PLEASE DONT CALL ME TAITAI ah). A taitai does nothing everyday but wash (the mahjong tiles), order her maid to cook and clean, shop for more branded goods, does a mani and pedi every 3 days, enjoys facials till her face is as smooth as a baby's bum and pampers herself with spa after spa.

Hmmm. Now it really doesn't mean that if you don't work (outside of your home), you are therefore instantaneously equated to Mrs Tai Tai. I admit, I relish having the freedom to go back to sleep after The Husband leaves for work (I make him breakfast every weekday to bring to the office), and not having to trudge kilometres to my workplace only to put up with mountains of work and painted faces. But life at home has its strife as well lah.

The mountains of work have been replaced with the mountains of shit to clear (literally) and my once-satin-smooth palms and fingers are now wrinkled. Soon they will give away my age -boohoo! Oh that will be the day!

Anyway, the grass is always greener on the other side folks. So take heart and keep on marking your Mid Year Exam Papers ahhh! hehe

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