Saturday, May 16, 2009

Our Saturday!

Alan and I refused to wake up until late this morning. I hopped into the kitchen to cook my dear hubby some breakfast whilst he continued to snuggle under the sheets. We then had our brunch of a nutritious macaroni soup (complete with leafy vege, tomato, chicken drumsticks, carrots, button mushrooms and brimming with all natural goodness!)

After the satisfactory meal, we lazed around somemore until it was time to head out. Our facial at Cres was at 3pm and we had a quick snack of meesiam at Toastbox before scrambling there and turning up 10mins late. hahaa.

The facial was again glorious and Alan and I both had an enjoyable time and emerged feeling refreshed and pampered. Thank goodness my outbreak has finally subsided and I think my hormones are now stablizing ...

We walked around and did some window shopping at Robinsons etc and then had a light dinner of Phoa at Little Vietnam. Then, we went to catch Angels and Demons. Great show! :) Very much better than the first movie Alan and I watched together (Davinci Code- which left us asking SMLJ?)

Then, it was home to watch TAKEN on DVD. :)

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