Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Confession

I've decided to come clean. So if you haven't heard already, here goes: I AM NOT FAT, JUST PREGNANT!

I'm already 3.5months and to my relief, some of my friends who didn't previously know, couldn't tell ( thank you , you need new specs) when I met up with them during the recent trip to Singapore. hahaha.
The below are our ultrasound scan pictures of The Baby (for the lack of a better name/term).
I decided to keep the news a secret till our first trimester was over because of some crappy and mindless following of superstition. Here are the pics of the ultrasound scans when BB was 7 weeks 3 days and 11 weeks 5 days old.

Something very interesting happened on our last visit to the gynae (Dr Wong Sum Keong at Pantai Medical Centre). The doc was trying to acquire various views of our baby to determine if he/she is healthy. Initially, the Baby was in resting position and still but when the doc pressed a tad harder, The Baby roused and shifted impatiently to get into a more comfortable position in my womb. haahha Very interesting! AND THEN, his / her arms started stretch and it was almost as though the little hands were shooing us away so as to allow him some peace and quiet and for him to go back to sleep. hahaha. Initially, I wasn't that excited or full of anticipation of my little kidney bean but at that moment, I felt my heartstrings tugged... awwww... ;p

Anyway, my due date is around 9th November (+/- 2 weeks I think) and we are still debating if I should pop in Singapore or KL. Contrary to popular belief, the medical facilities in KL are very much advanced and not in a state of ulu-ness. hahaha. so CHILL people! :)

Will update when there is more news... In the meanwhile... do sadly watch my belly grow :PPPPpppp

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