Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Fantastic Long Weekend

It's Sunday afternoon and I have just risen from my 2 hour nap. I am surprised I didn't sleep right through till dinner hahah~! Alan and I are indeed tired and exhausted from our exciting but fulfilling activities this long weekend!

Thursday 30 April 2009

After visiting Dr Wong at Pantai Medical Centre on Thursday morning, we headed to Mid Valley Mega Mall for an early lunch. Trying the restaurant Tepanyaki again, we were indeed surprised to discover that it did not disappoint, like the one we had tried in Ikano Power Centre! I had a salmon meal (which came with a generous chunk of fried salmon and a heap of bean sprouts) and Alan had his beef meal.

Next, we headed to Big Apple to pick up a dozen donuts for us and our relatives to munch on for tea in Muar. Then we went back, picked up our barang barang (including the two excited doggies) and drove for about 2 hours to Muar town.

When we finally arrived, we were exhausted. Jay Jay and Coco were very clever babies and didn't pee in the car. But they immediately 'let go''when they got down from the car. haha. We greeted everyone enthusiastically and waited for the workmen to leave before unpacking and having our afternoon tea.

After a shower, we all went for dinner at a relative's house. This AUnty and Uncle were hosting because their daughter was getting married the next day and we were invited for a buffet dinner at their house. The spread was fabulous - curry chicken, huge sambal prawns, vege, chicken, etc etc Alan, of course, made a beeline for their prawns and polished off at least 10 on his own! Their desserts were also interesting and mainly home-made. I tucked into an ang ku kuay (to satisfy my cravings) and some jelly but left the honey dew with mayo untouched sadly.

After the dinner, we went back and showered and TRIED to sleep. haha. The attempts were not very fruitful. ;p

1 May 2009- Happy Labour Day folks!

Uncle Qiao was to bring all of us out to yumcha so we woke at around 8am to leave by 9. The place was disappointing though and we came to a conclusion that people in Muar did not know how to make very good dimsum! However, the price was amazing. For RM46 fed all seven of us and fed us sufficiently!

We went a-visiting after that to Auntie XiuPing's house. She had been Alan's babysitter in the good ol'days and her late husband and her always took very good care of him. :) We played with her grandson, Xiao Zhe, a cheeky imp and then after sitting for approximately an hour or so, left to go for LUNCH! Aunty XiuPing has green fingers man!

Because I had declared that I wanted to eat fresh fish for lunch (or so they all claimed lah), the Uncle #3 had set off on his fishing boat in the early morning that day to bring back some catch. We went to our usual restaurant, next to the jetty and tucked in to a wonderful treat! My goodness! There was assam fish head, steamed fish, claypot chicken, vegetables, some fried egg toufu, a mountain of sambal prawns and a HUGE bowl of fishball soup! All the food was so fresh and so good. Very nutritious! Very delicious! :)~

After lunch came our favourite pasttime on the list - a siesta! We were all exhausted - me especially for having not slept well the night before and I gladly climbed into bed and fell fast asleep till around 5+pm.

Then it was time to get ready to leave for the wedding dinner at Xing Xing (Stars, not Apes) Restaurant, Lau Gu came to fetch us and we tailed behind him. The restaurant was quite big and fit I think about 30 tables. The food wasn't anything to crow about though. (You can see the quality in the pics.)

Once home, a whole load of relatives came over to visit. I talked to them for a while and helped make tea before heading upstairs to the comfort of the aircon room. Zzzz

2nd May 2009 (Saturday) - Wang Lee Hom, Wang Lee Hom!

We were supposed to leave Muar early to drive back to KL but in the end, we left at around 3pm. Let me recount the reasons:

Reason One: Breakfast. Uncle Qiao brought us to his favourite dimsum restaurant (which was not opened the day before) and we further concluded (this time with a sample size of TWO) that people in Muar don't make good dimsum. However, we added some fried carrot cake and some stir-fried meesuar and that complemented the meal very well. The damage was RM58.50 this time! :)

Reason Two: Post-breakfast tea. We went to Fung Sheng, a huge cake shop and factory owned by two of the uncles and their wives. The factory is above the cake shop and functions using 3 storeys of space. I had a sour sop juice there and Alan made up his own concotion of latte plus 1 scope of vanilla icecream. We also had some buns (one tasted like roti boy).

Reason Three: Muar Otahs! We wanted to tapao back some delicious Muar Otahs and therefore we made a stop at a 'factory'. Actually, it is a house in which its occupants make and pack the otahs. We bought 2 fish-head otahs and 8 packets of fish fragments otah and left the shop happily.

Reason Four: Lunch! After fetching Ah Ma from the dentist, we left to the fishing jetty again and tried another restaurant this time. We ended up with curry fish head and also another steamed fish, a plate of vege and sambal prawns. This weekend, we have done damage to the fish population in Muar!

After that, we zoomed back to the house and quickly packed our belongings and then made our way back to KL.

The Wang Lee Hom concert was at Bukit Jalil Stadium. It was outdoor and not covered. He used about 1/5 of the capacity of the stadium and the VVIP seats, sponser seats were all on the ground near the stage. Our seats were 9 rows from the sponsers and diagonally from the stage so we had a great view of him. Unfortunately, no cameras were allowed and my iPhone's in-built camera is nothing to crow about. Thus, the pictures captured were dismal. (We were NOT allowed any recording / photos and the crew were pretty strict about it, warning the 20,000 fans who were illegally shooting pictures of their idol) I managed a couple of shots without getting ANY scolding! Yay!

The concert started as wedding dinners do - late (830PM). It began with two small frys whom we didn't recognise singing and dancing on the stage and THEN, the fireworks went off and there were screams and shouts and a frenzy before HE appeared...

AHhhh he is indeed talented - on stage, he played (his three) guitar(s), the voilin, the drums and ALSO the piano. Wah. The theme was Music-Man - something like a Superhero figure (in the likes of Spidey, Superman etc) and his aim was to spread Music to the world. haahha. He used alot of Manga to illustrate his character and there were fireworks intermittently. Very Nice!

The audience came from all over asia too - from Spore, HK, Indonesia, Thailand etc and they brought lighted boards which highlighted their countries. Very clever. The only thing was that the boards were waved so high the air that sometimes they blocked the views of the audience behind :P

I prefer his slow songs though everyone can see that Wang Lee Hom is a rocker and enjoys that genre more than anything else. He hired dancers from all over the world and his rock band was also gathered from different parts of the world. hahaa. Very COol. After the encore, Alan and I left and we managed to catch a glimpse of Wang Lee Hom's car ferrying him away from the stadium, with the police leading the way.

Alan and I got home before 1130pm and after I washed the drool from my face and showered, I promptly went to bed. hehe

SUnday 3 May 2009

We woke up at 730am painfully and left for the dog-training session which commenced at 830am. Jay Jay and Coco were behaving very well and had raving reviews. I hope Jay preforms this well during his exam two Sundays from now. *sigh*

I've just woken up from a deep slumber...

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