Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A trip to Muar

Hello folks! This weekend will be a very interesting weekend. I will be embracing novelty! haha

Firstly, after a visit to the doc's tomorrow morning at 0930, Alan and I will make a trip down to Muar. Objective? To attend a relative's wedding dinner. Now don't ask me which relative please. I don't know most of them and this one is on Alan's side of the family. hahaha Don't ask him which relative also - he doesn't know! heh.

So anyway, we will stay there for two nights (Thurs and Fri) and even bring Jay jay and Coco along for this trip! It will be fun for them (I hope) as this is the first time they will be travelling with us. I hope they survive the approximately 2 hour drive though. We will do intermittent pee and poop stops as well. hahaha

Muar's a little, quiet fishing town in Northwestern Johor, Malaysia. Known for its fresh seafood and very delicious OTAHS! We will reside for that two nights in my inlaw's brand new house (a two story semi-D). Jay Jay and Coco will sleep in a shared cage under the stair case. :)

On Saturday 2 May morning, we will drive back from Muar to KL. Sleep a little while and then go for an early dinner. And for supper, I WILL HAVE WANG LEE-HOM! yay. The concert starts at 8pm sharp at Bukit Jalil outdoor stadium. Have I ever told you that this will be my FIRST concert that I will be attending? My childhood, needless to say, was very deprived, and with the rule of an iron rod, I will not allowed in Orchard road after school, let alone concerts with 'negative influences' and 'drug addicts as audience'. hahaha. O well.. At least now I am an adult I can quickly indulge in such luxuries before I get too old. Remind me not to torture my child too much oK?

Sunday morning 830am will be Coco and Jay Jay's lesson in the park again. After which I will embrace my warm and cosy bed and curl up under the quilt and snooze until god-knows-when again. YaY!

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