Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A SurpRiSe viSIt!

Hello! Yay. I'm busy packing now cos we will be leaving for Singapore tonight! Yeah! It's been a long two months without family and friends and this trip back I vow to make the most of it!! :) It will be packed with catching-up sessions, feasting and fun and laughter.hahaha.

I took the coming MOthers'Day to suggest a trip back and Alan although deciding that that was reason enough, also added in some business events to attend to back at HQ (Spore) so maximise our time, we will!

The plan is to surprise my mama tonight at dinner with my sweet inlaws making up an excuse to get her out for dinner. haahah We will turn up at six pm to fetch her at work - imagine her surprise! hahah

Ok. I better get back to wolfing down my cereal and packing ;) See you guys in a jiffy!!


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