Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Can we have Platonic Friendships with Members of the Opposite Sex?

Hi everyone. I am inspired to address the above question today because of a certain someone assuming and insinuating that there is a certain something going on between me and a certain someone #2. Confused? hahaha ok Let me put it in simplier English.

Say if you are a gal (ok ok I can hardly qualify as a girl now - that's for the young ones). Say you are a female and you regularly meet up with a male friend on a one-to-one basis to enjoy your favourite beverages (read: alcoholic lah), at night (because that's when both are free) and you know certain details of that person's life (e.g. his travel schedule etc) will it therefore be safe to assume that person and you have (crudely put in Mandarin) "one leg"?? of course, technically, it would even be safer to assume that you and that person have four legs in all, but that's a different story altogether.

I wanna explain to all the very misinformed members of public in my blog today, that I, Sharon Goh, truly believe that plantonic friendships CAN exist between a Man and a Woman in today's age and time. And I AM ONE VERY GOOD EXAMPLE.

I have MANY close male friends - more than female, I think and it is entirely possible that I appreciate their friendship and their company entirely as it is and do not covet their members in private or their private members. Now if Wang Lee-Hom or Daniel Wu was my personal friend, that would be a different argument althogether.. But hey, I am not so fortunate.

So to the very pathetic people out there...DO GET A LIFE and stop hinting at things that are not there. It is certainly very irritating and definitely not healthy for your mental well-being. Seek a shrink and do get off my back!!

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