Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday constrictions.

We spent more than 4hours at the salon today and I came out looking the same and RM300 poorer. hahaha. I trimmed my hair (ok the back of my head's a bit different now... there's a V-shape sloping down), rebonded the sides and colour-treated it. O well... and NOW I can't wash my hair for 2 days????!!! Tian ahhhhhhhhh!!!

ANyway, before that, we went to Old Town White Coffee near our place for brunch. I had Ipoh horfun and Milk Tea with Ice and Alan had curry mee and Coffee with ice. We walked around the area and realised that there was a DVD shop which sold tvb drama DVDs at wholesale prices. We bought and bought and I stocked up on my Kevin Cheng... Ooooo Droolsome!!

After the 4 long hours (what a patient husband) at the salon, we grabbed some stuff at Watsons and Ace Hardware (new cones for Alan to drif his new remote control car he had fixed himself around) and then left for Jaya 33 Section 13 for some seafood.

As usual, the diet was disregarded and the husband ordered and ordered. We had a Geoduck sashimi + steamboat, long dan fish with taohu in claypot, kailan fried in 2 ways and some chilli mussels.

We ate the geoduck and downed it with a absolutely marvellous herbal soup. Before the other dishes arrived, I started getting chest constrictions though. hahaha Think the soup was filled with too much tonics. Alan also started feeling the heat after a while.

Of course, we couldnt finish all the food and brought it back for lunch tomorrow. :X There will be no way I can get back into shape before CNY!

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