Monday, January 19, 2009

Our lazy Sunday

Hello.. It's AMAZING how time flies.. It's Monday morning AGAIN! The presentation has been postponed to 3-4pm on Thursday afternoon and I still have more time to prepare for it even though I'm just about done. Oh well... At least it's on Thursday and I don't have to reschedule my tuition lessons AGAIN.

Yesterday 18 January 2009 was spent in a lazy yet fulfilling session. We got up very late and had our leftovers from dinner for brunch. Then we proceeded to watch delicious hunks on Split Second, a HK drama dvd of course. After a while though, the story line got convoluted and confusing and I developed a headache. hahaha

We brought our two sons down to the garden again for the walk and play time. They had fun chasing each other's tails and we trained them for obedience. Then we brought them upstairs and caged them whilst we ventured to the carpark with our remote control cars. hahhaha.

After a while of exciting drifting and banging down cones, we headed upstairs again to shower the dogs. Then, we settled down to watch a few more episodes.

Dinner was baked chicken with potato and boiled veges. I opened a can of baked beans as well. Yummy!

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