Monday, January 12, 2009

ZOoom ZoOm ZOom

Hello folks,
In another few minutes, I will be commencing my first class of the week. Both Alan and I had a slow and homely weekend. Basically, nothing exciting to update.
Maybe the fact that we watched the fashion parade that Uncle JimmĂ˝'s Chinatown Classic put up in the Centre Court of Mid Valley Mega mall last evening. The models were all at least a stately 1.8m (with high heels of course) and their gait reminded me of giraffes striding across a safari to pick fresh leaves from a nearby tree. The little boy model was abit awkward as well but all in all, the costumes donned by the models were beautiful and elegant. If I lose 10kg, I will consider buying afew :P

This week will be an interesting one. My student has recruited me as her marketing agent in a bid to acquire this big job from a well-known company which is redesigning its clubhouse in KL. My student owns an ID firm but is not confident of her prowess in the English language and therefore needs ME to do a presentation to the CEO and directors to win the contract. She is up against two other bigger firms. That will be on Friday probably.

Also on Friday is a dinner scheduled for Alan and wife to rub shoulders amongst the Who's Who in Malaysia. *sigh* it's yet another " entertaining session" for me again. At least I will get to wear my Daniel Yam (long time ago purchased but still hanging forlornly in cupboard). It will hopefully hide my bulging tummy (NO i AM NOT PREGGIE) with the chiffon folds.

Did I mention also that this old hag will be celebrating her birthday in Bali this year? Belated of course, knowing fully well my birthday iteself falls unfortunately on the FIRST DAY OF CHINESE NEW YEAR! shucks.. what are the odds of me spending my special day with throngs of kaypoh relatives asking the perenial question of maternity? Sympathies, you offer?

AnYWaYyyy, the dear husband will be digging into his piggy and bringing me to Ubud and Manggis in Bali, Indonesia to escape after the 2nd day of the new year, once we fulfill our obligations...It will be a 4 night package - 2 nights in Ubud (mountains) and 2 in Manggis (Beach). The package is aptly named "The 2 Faces of Bali" and both Alan and myself are suitably excited. He wants to buy Art pieces there and I just wanna savour Bali like I have never before.

Ok. Canned soup lunch beckons before I have to pry my eyelids open during tuition...Take care folks! Love.

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